Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dione and I would are running the mentoring course again. It is running for 7-8 weeks from 7-9pm on Thursday evening starting Jan. 7, 2015. If you are interested in attending or know someone else who is interested please pass this on. If you have taken this course, you are most welcome to join again, and it will cost you nothing since you already have the workbook! Please read below, and contact me at  if you are interested.

This will be based on Vicki Bentley's book, Home Education 101, and will require the purchase of the Parent Workbook, for $35, which will be due the first meeting. This just covers the cost of the book, nothing more.
This program is for any new home educating family interested in more personal mentoring from an experienced veteran – that’s “experienced” not “expert”.

This program may be for you IF:
- you are brand new this year with young children
- you are on the edge of a decision to home educate but want to know more about practical aspects
- you have been at this for a couple of years but still feel you require more of the basic information to go forward more comfortably
- you have older children recently removed from the public or private school system
- you are a veteran and would like to sit in on a session in order to become a mentor with CHEN 


Topics to be covered are:
Beginning the Incredible Journey
Choosing Curriculum
Organizing Your Time
Home Education with Style
Getting Dinner on the Table (The Same Day You Homeschool)
Testing and Evaluation
Teaching Tips
Organizing Your Home
Lessons Learned

You will notice that these topics are not all strictly home educating how-tos but deal with the general flow of your household. I believe that choosing to home educate your children is not about making an education choice. It is truly a lifestyle choice. How you organize (or don't organize) your home and household tasks can and do directly affect your "school" time. If you already have done the course you are welcome to join us again.

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